The Lake Region Lakes Management District

Preserving Our Lakes, Sustaining Our Legacy

Who We Are

A Little About Us...

The Lake Region Lakes Management District is an independent special taxing district. It was established in 1919 through a special act of the Florida Legislature. The governing body of the District consist of three elected commissioners. The District is best known for building and maintaining the Chain of Lakes. However, they are involved in many aspects on all of the lakes within their boundaries. They are also an excellent information source on any water issues.    


Plan & Start Your Journey

The lock system is open (Lake Hartridge to Lake Conine).
If you have any questions about the lock operation, please call our office at 863-293-1441. Remember to be kind and respectful when on the lakes, to both the lakes and your fellow boaters!


Recent News......

*Repairs are currently underway on the Lake Elbert dock (see Projects for info).

**Repairs to the Lake Conine Dock have been completed.

***Lake Martha dock has been replaced.